I’m not going to get into too many specifics about my race in London as it was another not-so-good result, but I can say that at least I made it to the run this year! The field in London this past weekend was loaded with talent and I simply wasn’t prepared for the intensity of the bike, specifically the accelerations out of the turns. I did, however, swim faster than ever before as I exited the water 19 seconds down with some serious big names. I think I lost 15 of those 19 seconds in the first 300 meters…yep, I need to work on my top end speed in all three sports!

The trip to Europe was by no means a waste as I gained invaluable experience and even a few Olympic points (you can never have too many Olympic points, right?!). I roomed with Ben “I went to H&M and bought a bunch of shirts so now I look super-Euro” Collins – our names are similar so the hotel staff thought we were one person that went to the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet two times every morning. This resulted in a 40 quid bill on our room at checkout. After presenting conclusive evidence that we are in fact two separate people, they didn’t charge us. Oh and one quid = 1 pound. I really just wanted to somehow use the word “quid” in my blog.

Thanks to our team doc Andy Gerken for taking some of these pics:

We had a team photo shoot near Westminster Abbey. This is Jarrod and his wife Alicia with Big Ben in the background.

Laura Bennett by a typical red London phonebooth.

We were all a little embarrassed to be standing around in our race suits on the busy sidewalks of London, but some cool pics came of it.

I was right next to the younger Brownlee in transition.

On the bike in the race. It might not look like it but I’m suffering pretty badly!

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